Is this site legit ?  Do you have reviews ? 

Check our insta stories and highlighted stories on ins @artemisselectreview

We’d recommend looking at every review from customers that are happy but a quick warning it’s gonna take a while. 


Is this real ?  Authentic ? Why So cheap ?  How did you get them ? Can you resell them on stockx,sneakercon,goat ? 

We do not sell fakes. These shoes are factory defects. That means they are made in the same factory with the same materials as retail versions, however,  they have minor defects. These shoes are meant to be recycled and used for materials but the factory owners keep them aside for us to sell.  

These shoes are for the real fans that want to buy the shoes they love without spending all of their paycheck in the process.

This is the main purpose of these shoes and it is for this reason that we advise against trying to resell them. Experts are also aware of these factory defects and will not allow them into the market.


Receipt from the store ?

We don’t have a receipt from the store because we don’t buy from the store, we get them direct from the factory. One of the main reasons we can sell these so cheap is because we bypassed the whole store process in the first place. 


Hey man got any coupon codes?

We sure do, if you're a first time buyer go to our instagram bio to find the code! @artemishoescn

Buying 1 pair of shoes will land you a 5% discount, 2 pairs gets you 6%, 3 gets you 7% this continues up to 10 pairs at 15% off.  


Location of Shipping ?  How long does the shipping takes ? Do you ship to US/ UK / Australia etc ?   How much the shipping cost ? How long for you to send out order confirmation. How long for you to send out the tracking information ? 


We have a free express shipping option of a paid option if you wish for your package to be wrapped more securely. 

It takes 2 days for the email with tracking info to be sent out, after that it will take another 7 - 10 days for the package to arrive, and if you need it sooner than that? No worries, simply buy me a plane ticket and i'll bring it over myself.


Which payment method ? 

PayPal. It is the safest method for buyers and sellers worldwide. The only requirement for a PayPal account is a card that is linked to a bank.


What are the Defects ?  

It varies from shoe to shoe, for example the yeezys have a minor defect with the toe box sticking where it can be up to 1mm too wide. Due to the machines being calibrated incorrectly a whole batch of these are made before they’re inspected to the defects are consistent with each shoe. 


Do you have  xxxx  shoes ?  

We get what we can when we can but if we don’t have the shoes you’re after then follow us and notify us via dm, we’ll hit you up when we get them in. 


Which Size should I choose ?  US Size have Female and Male difference. 

Choosing shoe sizes can be pretty complicated, basically you need to know your size and then choose that option… 

We suggest you use EU sizes and if you are selecting US sizes make sure you have selected M or F (male or female)


Return and Exchange Policy ?  

If the shoes you receive aren’t the same as what’s displayed on our site, send us a pic showing that then send the shoes in (after confirmation is sent via email) and we’ll refund it for you. 


Buying in bulk / wholesale ?  

If you want to buy more than 10 pairs then simply email and we will sell the shoes at wholesale prices.

We only accept bulk orders for return customers. So we recommend buying a single pair first and seeing that you're happy with them. Then when you're pleased with the shoe quality send an email to us and you can now buy on bulk!  


Drop shipping?

Yes, we offer drop shipping services as well.  If the requirements are met from question above (you are a return customer who is happy with the shoes)  then we will give you discounts on all shoes so you can start your own business.

 The process involved with drop shipping is as follows:

  1. You find customers to sell to 

  2. Make the sale 

  3. Send the order through to us using your customer's address 

  4. We then ship the product directly to the customer. 

As you will be the only one communicating with your customers we will provide you with the original photos and videos of the shoes so that you can sell them under your drop shipping business name. Must have purcahsed at least 10 pairs of shoes to be eligible for original photos and videos without a watermark (Can still use our pics with watermark if selling less than 10 pairs)