Balenciaga Sneaker

Year after year, Running Warehouse has put out a best selling shoes blog to give our readers some insights on the buying trends seen on our site. While it may not be the same trends seen at your local running store, it does offer a unique look at what the RW customer is looking for. After going through the data and excluding any clearance sales, we created a list of the road running shoes (by color) that sold best during the second quarter of 2018 (April, May, and June). On the men’s side Balenciaga trainer ONE of ONE dominated, taking twelve of the top ten positions. While the Nike Vapor fly 4% took the one spot in 2019. The balenciaga trainer came out as the top then in 2019 . Along with the three and four positions on the list, we proved that many runners still have a soft spot in their hearts for the underfoot feel of the HOKA Clifton 3. Another big hitter that took six of the top twenty positions was the balenciaga trainer Clifton 4. The shoe offered pretty big updates over version 3, but it has proven to be a reliable training option and continues to be a major player on the best selling list. Now, with the release of the balenciaga trainer Clifton 5, we’ve seen some small and needed tweaks over its predecessor which should put the shoe in the running for the #1 spot in Q3. The last balenciaga trainer shoe to make the cut was the five, which secured two colors on the list. The core Brooks shoes also had a solid showing across the board. The Ghost 10 snuck 2 colors onto the list while an individual color of the Glycerin 15 made it into the top 10. On the stability side, the classic feel of the Adrenaline continued its legacy coming in at our site. While there weren’t a lot of lightweight shoes or racing flats on this quarter’s list, the ASICS DS Trainer 23 did squeeze into the top 10 and the crowd favorite New Balance 1400 v6 came in at #11 and #20. On the women’s side, balenciaga trainer was also the overwhelming favorite, taking 10 of the top most shoes. The Clifton 4 took 7 of the top 20 positions while the we also has a strong showing with different color-ways in the top 10. While not quite as popular, We also had a decent showing rounding out the top 20.